Hand rejuvenation - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Your hands reveal your true age.With the impact of time and external factors, the skin of your hands tends to become more fragile and thinner, showing fine wrinkles.

If this becomes a complex and you want a rejuvenation treatment for your hands, Dr Binazet welcomes you to his medical office in Lyon.Dr Binazet, specialised in anti-ageing medicine, offers treatment adapted to your desire for improvement, and to your skin.

What are the symptoms of hand ageing?

Over time, dark spots may appear on the back of your hand and intensify.You may also find that the skin on your hands is thinner, revealing your bones and tendons.

In fact, the skin of your hands is one of the first areas that will reveal the signs of ageing.Fat loss and dehydration have a significant impact on your hands.Furthermore, the regeneration cycle of the skin cells gets longer, causing your hands to tend to get damaged faster.

This ageing is not due to external factors, such as exposure to the sun or even the stress on your hands.This is why Dr. Binazet offers you different hand rejuvenation treatments to correct this aspect which may seem ugly to you.

Hyaluronic acid injections

One of the symptoms of hand ageing is the thinness of the skin.Fortunately, the hyaluronic acid injection has a volumising effect which will restore thickness to the skin of your hand.

These are micro-injections of hyaluronic acid, which allow to gradually fill the pits on the back of your hands and restore volume to the interdigital spaces.These injections allow tightening the skin of your hands and eliminating the foldings.

Dr Binazet prefers hyaluronic acid because it is a product already present in our epidermis.This greatly minimises the risk of redness.

The expertise of Dr Binazet and the use of ultra-fine needles ensure a painless and rapid treatment, leaving no traces.

The application of peelings

Dr Binazet can suggest the application of peeling after examining your pigmentation.If your hands have a few pigment spots with a rough appearance, peeling is the rejuvenation technique that is best for you.

It just involves the application of an acid-based cream (often fruit), which stimulates the regeneration of your skin cells.After peeling, your hands will be softer, smoother and free of brown spots.

The use of laser

If the back of your hands has a lot of pigment spots, the laser is ideal.Dr Binazet’s office is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers, allowing the removal of the spots without burning your skin.

The laser also has a tonic effect, as it stimulates the production of collagen.You will see your hands rejuvenate visibly, and your pigment spots will disappear.

Give your hands a youthful boost!