His professional career path to become a doctor specialized in cosmetic procedures

Dr Binazet, who obtained his diploma as a general practitioner in 2013, opened his practice in 2014.He was instantly attracted to the technical and exciting world of aesthetic medicine, an area in which he decided to specialize.

Dr Binazet obtained his European university diploma in laser in 2016, then his university diploma in the injection and filling technique, followed by a diploma in mesotherapy the same year.


With his professional background full of training, Dr Jérémy Binazet puts his passion for medical lasers at your disposal.

Aesthetic medicine in Lyon: Dr Binazet, your anti-ageing doctor for natural rejuvenation

Dr Jérémy Binazet accompanies you on the path to good ageing. He welcomes you in the comfort of his aesthetic medicine office in Lyon and offers you numerous solutions for skin beauty and rejuvenation adapted to your needs.

One of his principles as an expert in aesthetic medicine

One of the essential principles for Dr Binazet: the primum non nocere. Thus, he never takes risks for the patient from the first consultation to the last one.

Dr Binazet listens to you and offers you only the solutions adapted to your condition. His passion for medical aesthetics innovations allows him to tailor the procedures that best suit the characteristics of your skin.

Its medical office in Lyon, specialized in anti-ageing aesthetic procedures, is equipped with the latest machines and lasers. This allows him to offer you a high-quality service based on the area you want to treat, your goals and your skin.

Treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin, or permanent hair removal: What do you need?

Your skin often ages faster than you expected under the effect of the time and external stresses.To treat acne-prone skin, pigment spots or scars left by acne, Dr Binazet uses different techniques adapted to each patient. An active treatment based on fruit acid peeling, botulinum toxin injections or hyaluronic acid injection: it all depends on the skin of the patients!

His aesthetic intervention office is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, which allow the elimination of scars, wrinkles and fine lines, all without burns or redness.

Dr Jérémy Binazet promises you a natural, painless and safe treatment with injections, laser or peeling.

Some parts of your body may make you unhappy enough to prevent you from moving forward and having self-confidence.Dr Binazet treats all the areas from the down of your upper lip to your thighs, including your eyebrows and cheekbones, to reduce unsightly details due to ageing.

Thanks to his studies and his experience as a practising aesthetic doctor, Dr Binazet is at your service.Your well-being is his goal.

His training and his knowledge of innovations allow him to offer treatments and techniques adapted to your skin type and its fragility.Dr Binazet’s motto is “improve without transforming”.

So why opt for heavy plastic and aesthetic surgery operation, when you can do a subtle facelift with cosmetic medicine treatments?