Permanent hair removal with laser - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Hair removal has become a necessity to go on holiday with peace of mind.But instead of wasting your time in beauty salons, why not consider permanent hair removal with body laser treatment?

Entire legs, removal of the hairs on the whole bikini zone, clear skin, tanned skin, black skin… So many aesthetic differences to take into account!

Dr Binazet, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, welcomes you to his medical office in Lyon.After an examination of the body parts of your choice, he offers you a procedure meeting your needs and suitable for your skin type.

You schedule several hair removal sessions and establish the intensity of the laser treatment together.

How does long-term hair removal work?

Permanent body hair removal involves the use of a laser.Dr Binazet prefers to use real lasers, rather than pulsed light hair removal.

Lasers use the hairs as a conductor wire to reach and burn the bulbs.For effective permanent hair removal, the hair must be in its anagen phase.The anagen phase is a growth phase, in which the hairs are regrowing.When the hair grows, it loads in melanin.

The laser can give successful results just with the help of a hair loaded with melanin.Nevertheless, as not all hair grows at the same speed, it is necessary to do several laser hair removal sessions (from 4 to 8 sessions) to eliminate all your hairs in the relevant zone.

During the first consultation, Dr Binazet examines the areas of the body where you want to have the hairs removed, and analyses your hair cycle.This is how you will determine the number of sessions you need, as well as the time you should leave between two sessions.


Linline laser and painless long-lastinghair removal

Dr Binazet’s medical office is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers, allowing him to promise you painless and efficient treatment.

Dr Binazet, the holder of the European university diploma in the field of laser, prefers the Linlane laser.The reason is that the latter allows permanent hair removal with little pain compared to other lasers.

Permanent laser hair removal involves heating of the bulb through the hair shaft.The idea is to heat it enough to ensure its disintegration.Only the destruction of the hair root can ensure that the hair will no longer grow.

To ensure that the permanent hair removal sessions are not too painful, Dr Binazet chose a laser that regularly scans the skin with its heat beam.Lasers that work with heat flashes are more painful.

For effective permanent hair removal, call an aesthetic physician.Indeed, it is necessary to adjust and configure the laser at each session to avoid any risk of burns, scars and undesirable effects.In addition, the contraindications must be checked at each session.

A painless and safe permanent hair removal!