Treatment for acne and scars - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Dr Binazet welcomes you to his medical office in Lyon, and treats your active acne and the resulting scars.He offers solutions and treatment against late acne depending on your situation and the characteristics of your skin.

Dr Binazet solves your acne problem in a few sessions using peeling, laser, micro-needling or fractionated radiofrequency!

What is severe acne?

Adult acne or juvenile acne is a skin disease that affects more than 15 million people in France.Acne is caused by sebum excess produced by the sebaceous glands.This excess then clogs the pores, leading to the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria and inflammation.Then the skin becomes more tended to the acne, forming microcysts and redness.

In some people, acne is a real problem.Indeed, it focuses mainly on the face and chest, which are among the most commonly exposed areas.

Furthermore, acne may have left scars many years later, even when it is no longer active.Fortunately, Dr Binazet puts his knowledge at your disposal to solve your skin problems.

He applies peelings using fruit acids and cosmetic productsanti-acne laser treatments, or TCA peelings in order to smooth your skin and reduce your skin blemishes.

Peelings to fight against active acne

If you suffer from active acne, it means you have acne-prone skin, which is defined as an oily skin that continues to produce excess sebum.

To best treat your skin type, Dr Binazet uses different peeling techniques.However, he prefers to use the peelings based on cosmetics and fruit acid to avoid undesirable effects.

Indeed, it simply involves the application of some creams in a certain way to greatly reduce the appearance of acne pimples and blackheads.Salicylic acid is one of the most effective and least aggressive acids.

After the application of the peeling by Dr Binazet, your cell layers will regenerate and be healthier.Nevertheless, the fruit acid-based peelings do not remove acne scars.

Treatments for acne and scars


An acne breakout can leave scars, for example, after excessive scratching.To erase acne scars on your face, Dr Binazet tailors his treatment to your skin.

His beauty centre in Lyon is equipped with the RecoSMA cosmetic laser.Its microbeam allows targeting the impurities of the skin and erasing them without burns, and on the whole surface of the skin.

If the laser is not right for you, you can try the TCA peeling technique.This technique, which is more abrasive than fruit acid peeling, treats the middle area of the facial skin, located between the dermis and the epidermis.

Dr Binazet can also offer you painless techniques such as micro-needling or fractioned radiofrequency.They both allow the stimulation of a micro-scarring, which leads to cell regeneration in your skin.No more imperfections, no more acne-prone skin!