Treatment for dark circles and pits - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Concealer make-up, cold water and cucumber slices, relaxing creams, nothing helps: you can’t hide your dark circles.Whether it results from the lack of sleep, hormonal disorders or a deficiency, the appearance of dark circles is always a problem for patients.Especially when the dark circles in question are sunken and pigmented!

To get rid of these dark circles, which give you the impression of always being tired, Dr Jérémy Binazet welcomes you to his anti-ageing aesthetic practice in Lyon.After examining your pigmentation, he offers you a suitable treatment to combat dark circles.

Hyaluronic acid injections to fill the sink of the bags under your eyes.

The appearance of dark circles is often related to deep dehydration of the skin, which marks your face.The hyaluronic acid injection can effectively treat your dark circles, and give you a radiant complexion.

Dr Binazet prefers hyaluronic acid injections for lightly coloured circles.Indeed, the hyaluronic acid that he uses is made of the acid present in our epidermis.So, no redness!

Biorevitalization of your dark circles

Dr Binazet, the holder of a diploma in mesotherapy, offers you a biorevitalisation of your skin quality using a mesolift.

Mesolift is a skin rejuvenation technique: The product is applied into your dermis or epidermis by micro-injections.The skin on your face is then re-densified and smoothed.

Dr Binazet uses the NCTF 135HA product with already proven efficacy.He uses three different injection techniques to tone your skin and complexion depending on the result you want to reach.

NCTF 135HA, which is composed of hyaluronic acid and a polyrevitalising solution, is an effective and natural skin treatment well-tolerated by your skin.It helps revitalize your skin, eliminate the puffiness around your eyes and refine your look.

Carboxytherapy, treatment of dark circles under the eyes

Carboxytherapy is also a type of skin injection to reduce dark circles and bags under eyes.This is the injection of liquid carbon dioxide directly into dark circles or the eyelids.

 Based on his experience and training, Dr Binazet only uses ultra-fine syringes to prevent swelling.Carboxytherapy can also improve the colour of your dark circles by stimulating the vascularization.

 As a result of carboxytherapy, your dark circles deflate visibly and your epidermis produces more collagen, which helps to fade the colour of your dark circles.

Melanostop depigmenting peelings to refresh your look

The application of depigmenting peeling is used to treat hyperchromia of the skin.However, deep circles often take on a purplish hue.

Dr Binazet can recommend the application of a combined peeling in order to stimulate the regeneration of your cells in a natural way.Thanks to the combination of several types of products, this allows you to get rid of the dark colour of your circles, and to revive your look.


Choose the treatment you need to soften your dark circles!