Laser treatment for stretch marks - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Stretch marks are scars that often appear after weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy.They appear in the form of red or white streaks and mark the skin of your belly, thighs or buttocks.

Many patients find them as unaesthetic and desire to eliminate them.This is why Dr. Binazet welcomes you to his beauty centre in Lyon.After examining your stretch marks, he offers a treatment that suits your preferences and the peculiarities of your skin type.

The appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks are like scars.These are the zones on your body, where your deep dermis (located between your hypodermis and epidermis) tore spontaneously.

Indeed, your skin has a certain elasticity.However, this can be reduced in the presence of too rapid changes, causing the elastic fibres to tear.

The appearance of stretch marks may be related to hormonal imbalance.But in the majority of cases, it is due to an abrupt physical change.The skin tissues tear, whether it is due to weight gain, weight loss or pregnancy because they don’t have time to adapt to change.

At first, the stretch marks are red and purplish with inflammation.Over time, they take their definitive pearly white colour, after which their treatment becomes more difficult.

Although the efficacy of anti-stretch mark oils and creams have not been proven yet, this is not the case with the laser.The latter is one of the most effective treatments that can eliminate the stretch marks in several laser sessions.

Dr Binazet makes your stretch marks disappear, regardless of their stage, thanks to his state-of-the-art lasers.

The RecoSMA laser to fight against stretch marks

The RecoSMA laser, which is perfect for old stretch marks that have already taken their white colour, is one of the most effective novelties.Using this laser causes natural scarring over your stretch mark.

If you want to get rid of your white stretch marks, Dr Binazet recommends the use of this laser.It causes micro-abrasions invisible to the naked eye by sending light rays on your stretch mark.Thereafter, the transmission of acoustic waves allows erasing the defects.

In response to this process, your skin will automatically scar and close the stretch mark that was present.

The KTP laser to erase red stretch marks

For your red stretch marks, Dr Binazet can suggest the use of the KTP laser.It is a vascular laser ideal for repairing your most recent stretch marks.

For example, some stretch marks appear immediately after pregnancy: It is the perfect time to book a KTP laser session.

This laser acts on the red component of your stretch mark and coagulates the dilated blood vessels.Thus, Dr Binazet can remove the stretch marks that have just appeared, and make your skin texture flawless, free from any imperfections.No more definitive stretch marks!