Treatment of body varicosities - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Varicose veins run through your legs and streak them with blue veins.Even if these are painless, they are the first sign of venous insufficiency, which can have serious impacts on your health.In addition, they can quickly become a problem, preventing you from wearing the clothes you want in both summer and winter.

Many patients with varicose veins no longer dare to wear clothes that expose their legs.This is why Dr. Binazet, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, welcomes you to his beauty centre in Lyon.

After an examination of your varicosities all over the body, he offers you treatment for varicose veins adapted to your desires and the characteristics of your skin.Improve without transforming and above all without pain!

How can varicosities appear?

Varicosities or telangiectasias are permanently dilated veins or micro-vessels visible through the epidermis.They are often located on the lower limbs (on the legs, behind the knees, etc.).

Varicosities are narrower and more superficial than varicose veins, but their cause is the same.To help you understand their origin: your veins run throughout your body, and the venous return is from your feet to your heart.In these veins, there are the valves, which act as a flap to prevent blood reflux.

When their functioning is impaired, blood stagnates in the veins and legs (due to gravity).As a result, the veins of the legs and their fairly loose wall expand.Consequently, varicose veins and varicosities appear.

Thus, varicosity is one of the consequences of the constant dilation of the microcirculatory network of the veins in the dermis.This is why they are visible to the naked eye.

These are not dangerous, especially if they only involve small veins.But they can have an impact on your health.In fact, they indicate poor blood circulation and can cause a feeling of heavy legs.

Dr Binazet offers laser treatment of varicosities to prevent them from causing long-lasting problems.This allows you to locate the areas you want to treat very precisely.

Laser treatment to soothe your varicose veins

The vascular laser, with which Dr Binazet’s aesthetic centre is equipped, is inspired by the latest innovations in the field of aesthetic laser.It allows the treatment and elimination of the finest but also the deepest telangiectasias.

One of the key benefits of the vascular laser is that this treatment does not involve a puncture.Your skin, therefore, remains intact.This is why you will not see any marks or scars on your legs after the laser treatment.

The laser acts by photocoagulation of the dilated vessels, without having an impact on the surrounding tissues.

Dr Binazet can make dilations in your veins disappear In several laser sessions painlessly and extremely effectively.Eliminate your varicosities!