Treatment of pigment spots on the face - Dr Binazet, an aesthetic physician in Lyon

Treatment of pigment spots related to age, hormonal changes, exposure to the sun… Dr Jérémy Binazet, a cosmetic doctor specialised in anti-ageing, welcomes you to his medical office in Lyon and offers treatment adapted to your situation.

How to recognise a pigment spot?

This is a change in the colour of your skin, which can be hyperpigmented or hypopigmented.Dr Binazet has state-of-the-art machines and lasers, which allow him to intervene against hyperpigmented spots.


These hyperpigmented spots are brown, red or pink depending on the major factor contributing to their occurrence as well as their intensity.Dr Binazet awarded with the European university diploma in laser can offer you laser or peeling-based treatments.He tailors the treatment procedure to your preferences, and to the extent of your spots.

Peeling to make your melasma disappear

Melasma is a pigment spot that often appears on the face, especially on the nose, cheeks and upper lip.The shape of an increasingly intense brown spot is irregular.

Melasma is also called “pregnancy mask” because it often appears due to pregnancy or a hormonal change.It can spread to your epidermis and dermis.

Although the presence of melasma is not dangerous, it is disturbing.Indeed, once appeared, the spots just multiply and become more intense.This is why Dr. Binazet offers you a mild treatment involving the application of a peeling.

The fruit acid peeling he uses limits undesirable skin reactions.The scientific application of such a product allows the regeneration of your skin cells and the elimination of the brown spots!

Sunspots (solar lentigo), peelings or lasers?

Sunspots are benign lesions, but they can develop into a precancerous lesion.

Brown spots can appear due to overexposure to the sun.Melanin builds up on your face to protect you from the sun and UV rays and eventually stagnates there.

Dr Binazet will first examine the size of your sunspots, and then, he will offer you two options.A peeling based on fruit acids to exfoliate your skin and regenerate your cells.Or a laser session to destroy the melanocytes, which contain excess melanin (if you have light skin).

Your spots will then fade until they disappear completely.Both procedures are completely painless and risk-free.

Rosacea redness and laser treatment

Rosacea redness is a red spot on the face, which appears due to the dilation of micro-blood vessels.It is often linked to age and can develop into acne rosacea, which is much more visible on your face.

If you suffer from rosacea redness, Dr Binazet recommends you the laser.He will then examine your pigmentation to find the right intensity of the laser.Then, your rosacea redness will be gone without any burns.


Treatments adapted to your skin to get rid of your complexes without any pain!